Enjoy The Menu Selections At These Four Top Columbus OH Restaurants

How would you like to know some of top spots for enjoying a meal in Columbus OH? You’re about to discover 4 great restaurants that would all make for great visits while you’re on vacation. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, one of these dining establishments in The Discovery City is going to make your day.

Martini Modern Italian is a top choice, and its location is a popular one in Columbus, right off of North High Street. If you paid attention to the other articles about Columbus restaurants, North High Street is the place to be when you want some food. Martini Modern Italian is great for short ribs, beef carpaccio, butternut squash and much more. As its name suggests, you can imagine its a great place to order up some drinks, too. People talk highly of the desserts, too.

Katalina’s off of Pennsylvania Avenue also makes for a great stop. Katalina’s is known for its pulled pork tacos, among other things. You’re talking about slow roasted pork, the type that melts in your mouth. The pancake rolls and breakfast tacos are favorites at this restaurant as well. This would be a different kind of a breakfast stop, so you might want to choose this place for that specific meal of the day.

In an attractions article for Columbus OH, I briefly mentioned The Thurman Cafe. It is a great spot to grab a bite to eat, and it is located off of Thurman Avenue. You should see the burger I’m looking at on a top travel site. It is certainly a mouth-watering burger. Wings, other sandwiches and more are on the menu at this top-ranked restaurants. Enjoy your meal at The Thurman Cafe.

How about a meal at The Pearl? The Pearl is also on North High Street, and fried chicken is on the menu highlights. The menu for this place seems really eclectic, and it is a spot for brunch according to reviewers. Remember that when you’re on High Street, it helps to know where to eat. The Pearl is a great choice.

Remember, too, that there are almost 2000 restaurants in Columbus OH. Pick and choose however you like, but make no mistake about it that these are four great choices. Choose your destination for a great meal, and get ready to eat Columbus style. You can’t have a bad meal at any one of these four top restaurants.